Keep quiet

Keep quiet, he’s not going to ask now, what’s the time just go home and text me when you reach.

Keep quiet, he’s no more jealous of your male guys just to show the extra love for you.

Keep quiet he will no more ask you to eat on time and to take care of yourself.

No more.

All broke off with the break up.

Left are the memories and voices.

-Riya Shah



Wake Up!

Okay so let us get on the point that not everyone has the craziest group and a cliche friend or the richest lad to sponsor all our outings. Not everyone has a dream to live for. Not everyone craves for someone. Not all are broken to the fullest to bear the pain. Not all are courageous to take their own stand.  Its all about not everyone, it’s not about society, its all about still the inner self that should be wakened and shaken up before something odd happens. 


I wore a white t-shirt yesterday which was long, plain and decent.
I went to my workplace wearing it.I noticed after half of my day, everyone staring me from my back and laughing. I was confused, startled what had happened to them.I asked my friend she told me, there is a stain.
Are you on your periods?I went to the washroom
thinking of embarrassment
I think
I weep
I then chose to stay unaffected
I stood
Wondering it is cool
A natural process good
Stains are understood
nothing I now could
I got my strength touch wood.Stained t-shirt whole day long.
No worries you girl.
We are more than these stains.-Riya Shah

Love Poem

I miss you so much, I don’t know how to be a strong heart.
It hurts a lot that I was never your priority.

You occupied my heart,
my beats are so loyal to you.

I never imagine someone else’s touch,
Oh, you never know I miss that so much.

Be the betrayal, not the demon,
be the one you were ever with me.

Oh, I’m ready to forget each fight,
Oh, you need to be by my side.

Never make me fall again,
The day I was waiting for is just in my brain.
Prove me wrong baby, as I can’t wait now.

I also wanna see our baby’s footsteps,
I can’t witness those pleasures without you.
I’m waiting under the tree we met for the first time.
I’m waiting for you to be mine as you claimed in every promise.
I’m waiting as no one else can be there coz you occupied my heart.

You are my beats, and please be by my side forever.

-Riya Shah

Midnight musings.

Be the Moon be the light,
Be the Sun be the bright,

Be the one I want,
Neither one I need to hate.

Be the one holding me,
Nor the one drowning me.

Be the one my eternal,
Nor the one who decoys.

I love you so more
I want that love back,
But not the way you do to other girls.
Did you get it?
Please be my stars.
I want to stalk you every night.

Be the one, my secret keeper
Be my only reason to believe.

-Riya Shah

Life: The Journey from just Breathing to Living.

Life, What it is? Just our breathings and pain or happiness? No idea. We live in a world where love is easy to find, but hard to live with, in a world where suffering is not noted, but obviously, others feel envy of our success. Where there are more people to back our step and less to encourage us. All apart life is not about describing others but, to admire our own self, as we are a part of the same world. Jealousy, bitching are somewhere a part of us also. Maybe life is during a solo trip, or with friends at a farm, or just on the weekend where we can rest and can escape from the shitty world by reading a book, or just by listening to our favorite music. Life is subjective for all, maybe life is complicated or tangled in our hopes and desires, with the end results. Life is in living today carefree, I know that it is easy to say but, hard to cope up with responsibilities, desires, hopes, success, as these are the babies coming in between I know, but at least we can try. We can try to live, we can try to breathe, we can try to not suffocate ourselves in our daily schedule. We can Try at least we can Try. As life is like a star, it shines, it gets old, it goes around confusingly, but in the end, when it is broken, it smiles, it fulfills wishes. That star is so pretty for others but, it knows the pain. Maybe glory is in beauty, or the beauty in scars. Maybe it was never meant to be that way, or maybe it is us throughout our life not really listening to our internal voice. We all are so focused on our destiny, that we hardly focus on our journey, journey to be us from no one, journey to be captivated from seeking, the journey from together to alone, the journey from breathing to living. We all are afraid of something or someone, which has overpowered our thinking of freedom, we all need to let it go, let go of things or people that crate you, have your own enclosure, never allow someone to work on you or your feelings.

You know problems we are facing right now is, sometimes we are in the influence of the wrong people not hearing to the right ones, firstly we need to decide upon right and wrong. Right for us, and harmless to others might be the best decision or the best way we can head-on. Hold on, if you think two major break-ups ruined your life, then it is so dramatic, as some people sleep with hunger in all dark, and some are murdered daily for something. Some have no place to live, and some are depressed in poverty. Animals are starving, plants are decreasing, people are affected by some deadly disease, and you are just in thought of break up? Grow up, and think twice in a positive way.

Grow Up

Broken, frustrated, or depressed? Just a part of life?

I guess, no because it is us over exaggerating situations as many people don’t get the meal for two times. Someone’s dear ones have a deadly disease, someone’s relative has been killed or murdered, someone has just stopped their right things under the wrong influence. People are dying, being crushed, animals are starving and being killed, plants are decreasing, and we are just in pain of a breakup?

Grow Up….
We live in our home, have our careers or just planning for one, have our parents with us and that too with a blessed body. Think Once before getting depressed.

Riya Shah

Maa ❤

The first time I felt my baby in my hands, I carried her, yes she is a girl my baby princess. I was afraid of giving birth, no it is just not due to that I was not ready for any responsibility, but there was a sharp ray of constant fear in me from the very first thought of being pregnant. The first time I heard the news, I felt so amazing, I felt like I’ve already given birth to a child in my head. Those baby feet, those cute smiles, those baby hands holding my finger and those baby lips feeding from my breasts. Growing with her young again and playing with her was just like a dream come true.
It wasn’t that I was afraid of being a mother, but a blind mother, I was afraid that my baby should not become as special as me so that she/he has to make all other senses strong enough to resist. No, I’m not weak neither I pity me being a blind nor I wait to see the real world. It is just that I want to see the world through her eyes.
The doctor came, dear happy mother, your baby is perfectly fit and fine with all the senses alive.
Thank you, doctor, I’m the luckiest person right now.

-Riya Shah