World of Imagination

I saw him at the party back street. Sorry, I forgot to give you my introduction I'm Daisy Green, an artist, an erotic writer, people always have judged my profession, but now I don't care. I write erotica through my imagination cause I'm a virgin yet, that's quite unusual, I know, but so it's the …

Being in love or being practical?

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You won’t refrain.

I love you the way,You might never refrain. There's no hurry,It's not like you miss your train. You gotcha think it twice,And I'll be yours keep that in your brain. I'll not leave your side,Either you take that in vain. So clear your thoughts,Don't keep them vague… Coz I love you the way,You might never …

Halcyon (adj)

To the past peaceful times To the happy times,tell me my mistakes,but don't break up with me like that. You gifted me the sleepy nights,peaceful mornings,and a broad smile. The halcyon days, please come back! -Riya Shah