Life isn’t very tough until we think of it like that, somewhere we all have our storms, it’s on us either we become a mermaid or we drown ourselves in it.
I being a content writer was always quoted with that you are lucky that you are earning from your hobby that isn’t much hard or harsh for you, I have always said that even you can do so, we all are made up for that, do what you love and what makes you happy coz life is not having any hunter unless and until you gave it, being a tame animal.
It’s you who needs to control each and every side or swing of your own life or else there are many who needs machines and not humans.
Life is not life if you live it for sake and death is to succumb you one day, before that try to live, coz not everyone even gets two times of meal and good friends to live with.
Thank you
-Riya Shah


Hidden fear

Weird feeling,
Together now,
Not sure tomorrow,
It’s like butterflies in the stomach,
Can feel but can’t say,
It’s hidden fear,
Of losing you,
I’m afraid,
To stay away,
Attached to you,
Kinda addicted,
But just a thought,
What if I’ll be alone,
What if we are separated,
What if it’s due to society,
What if it’s customs,
I love you, my dear,
Wanna breathe in you,
There’s my home in your hug,
My favorite perfume in your body,
My favorite drink is your lips,
My favorite scene in your eyes,
It’s just I want us infinitely together,
I don’t know what you feel,
And how much pure it is from your side,
It’s just I’ll love you ever.

Ever and forever.

-Riya Shah

Fairy-Tale – Chapter 1: You & I ? — Sagar H. Ruparel

“……the journey till now has been amazingly beautiful. The life for me has been no less than a fairy tale” She was all happy and smiling in her mind, the grin on her face reflected the same. The chapters of her fairy tale, ran in front of her eyes. Visualizing and counting all those memories, […]

via Fairy-Tale – Chapter 1: You & I ? — Sagar H. Ruparel

It’s forever

I told my friend,
No, I don’t love him,
It isn’t serious,
She laughed,
Torn papers,
New stories,
All over spilled feelings,
Magic glue,
Turning up high,
Fostering time,
Melting heart again,
Thunder eclipsing down there,
Storms and pits in the stomach,
Butterflies beneath,
Writing moon,
Imagining further life,
Deciding farther relations,
Wanting more time,
Waiting for these gloomy darks,
Stitching those shredded pieces,
Enhancing your curves,
Healing those scars,

Isn’t it a fairytale,
Your own fantasized world?

*Blushing me*,
Is that worth?

Until and unless you start expecting,
It’s worth enough to let others make you smile, love, feel, again and again.

Love it’s “infinite”
Isn’t “forever togetherness”.


He called me “hey sweetheart”

Hello, how are you I just replied?
“I’m here in your city, want to meet you, just let me know when you are free.”
Are you not joking? I was surprised, as he never came like that before,
“Ya love I’m here meet me soon”
“Okay at 4:00 pm in your room”.

I went there, he was waiting, we both just had eye contact, he was just gazing me, as I was in my best outfit with minimal makeup and lipstick on.

He just stood up came to me, asked me to sit beside him and held my hand, kissed my hand with his closed eyes, oh my god he’s so sweet.

General talks took it place, smile was constant on both of our faces, suddenly I kissed his cheeks, he liked it, he came closer, my beats were fast, he came closer, my beats were so fast even he couldn’t resist noticing it, he brought his lips on my lips, he kissed me there, again a kiss there, my eyes were closed, he just kept my lower lip between his lips, it was our first kiss, that taste, it is an awesome feeling, I couldn’t open my eyes, we were kissing each other, it converted into a smooch, his hands on my neck, it was more passionate, he saw my eyes and that smile after a kiss, I was not able to see him, he held me from my chin, I saw him he just said “I love you” I replied in his ears “I love you more”, after that I gave a kiss on his ear, it was so tempting, he was just going to hold my body from front and…. I heard a voice, “wake up baby it’s morning 8”.

Damn, that is a dream.

I wish it as a reality.

-Riya Shah


O “Paradise”
Little I know,
You slipping like sand,
Unlocking our hands,

Little I know,
You ain’t coming back,
You ain’t kissing me,
You ain’t loving me,

But inner me,
Crave for you,
For your touch,
For us together,

But I’ll not stop,
Hang on I love,
Still, I’ll not,
I know you are mature enough,

Please don’t go,
Talk to me,
We will fight,
We will hug,

Please stay calm,
I’ll let the things flow,
The way you want,
Dear, I want you,

I know my pleadings are waste,
My words you hate,
But you once gazed,
Now don’t fade,

I know it’s fun for you,
I saw that hue,
I don’t wanna be that glue,
How much I love, you don’t have any clue.

Now let me go,
My words will say everything,
I know you ain’t coming back,
I wish you read this,
For me once,
Mark my name,
On your soul,
I did that first,
I won,
You left,
No victory,
Still, a prize given by tears.

-Riya Shah