Maa ❤

The first time I felt my baby in my hands, I carried her, yes she is a girl my baby princess. I was afraid of giving birth, no it is just not due to that I was not ready for any responsibility, but there was a sharp ray of constant fear in me from the very first thought of being pregnant. The first time I heard the news, I felt so amazing, I felt like I’ve already given birth to a child in my head. Those baby feet, those cute smiles, those baby hands holding my finger and those baby lips feeding from my breasts. Growing with her young again and playing with her was just like a dream come true.
It wasn’t that I was afraid of being a mother, but a blind mother, I was afraid that my baby should not become as special as me so that she/he has to make all other senses strong enough to resist. No, I’m not weak neither I pity me being a blind nor I wait to see the real world. It is just that I want to see the world through her eyes.
The doctor came, dear happy mother, your baby is perfectly fit and fine with all the senses alive.
Thank you, doctor, I’m the luckiest person right now.

-Riya Shah

I was going through my bookshelf and, just found a book that belonged to my school days, I mean a notebook and, I was much happy that I found it, no it was not about the subject. It was about the last pages, those written and, cut names of my school crush, those vague feelings in a broken language, those stupid love calculators on which we all might have trusted, stupid games in that ongoing period, chit chat with my best friend and, many more things. It was a treasure hunt for me, coz the broken language made me confused that what I had written, but I was laughing while reading it.
I mean to say those were golden days, no responsibilities, no pressure of earning money or of career, they were the soulful days with fun, with the liveliness of the being who we are.
School life is the best life I must say, well I know tu to evu j kese ke karyu su che me hene?
-Riya Shah

A mug of coffee,
Sip by sip,
Drowning my pains,
Rejoicing my dreams,
The whole scene within,
Pausing my worries,
Drifting it to the world I want,
A mug of coffee,
Is my kind of escape,
Worries to wonderful memories.
It is all I need.

A mug of coffee,
To retouch my veins from pain.
Escaping from you to me.

-Riya Shah

It Isn’t Forever

Love isn’t about forever it is about faith and hope, it is all about compatibility, it is not about any name to the relationship, it’s all about the harmony and, the warmth you feel with the person you are. Honestly, life is not much fair always not everyone, in the end, get their desired partners, some stay single, some move on, some compromise and trust me it is what life plays with us, but here we are the decision maker and not the victims or sadists welcoming and enjoying all the pain, instead start the journey in a manner you want.

I Miss You.

Hello, I’m here to say you, I love you so more, more than you ever think, but you never take it seriously, why so? Hope to see you daily on a video call, but in vain you are never free for me, one call, not received, another still the same, I don’t know how to react, how to connect to you, I wish we were from the same city so that I could at least meet you, I could feel your breathing on my neck, your lips on mine and many more such cute moments. I miss you so more, I miss old us, inseparable us.