8 Replies to “Halcyon (adj)”

  1. In time things will become as they were and may be this time around we will realise and appreciate some of the things that we take for granted but are there by a lot of connected efforts.

    Cheers to the wish
    And more power to the thoughts
    Let it be as it was, again !

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      1. Let me tell you a secret
        Memories are a beautiful places
        And it feels nostalgic to go back to them
        At the same time we must create more memories now
        As we will have more time to come back

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      2. Yes I am. I am trying to contribute as much as I can to build some presence of Surat online. Long way to go.

        If you have any thoughts and beautiful ideas about Surat, please send over an email. I will be happy to collaborate. 🙂

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