World of Imagination

I saw him at the party back street.

Sorry, I forgot to give you my introduction I’m Daisy Green, an artist, an erotic writer, people always have judged my profession, but now I don’t care.

I write erotica through my imagination cause I’m a virgin yet, that’s quite unusual, I know, but so it’s the truth.

People live & die with or without the fantasies made actual, my dream is to create fantasies and to live them to the fullest.

That cute guy I’m stalking in the party, he’s sipping the drink, and I can’t stop but gaze at his torso, his brown eyes, black slicked-back hair, sharp jawline, muscular arms, and tall height. He is calling his friend, and the deep voice, I start imagining what if I hear him moan, damn this makes me go wild and horny.

Oh God, he’s gonna notice me control your eyes girl.

Someone called him out with the name Rian, and the name is sexy too just like him. Meanwhile, Alex called me, he’s my ex, and I’m hanging out with him for no particular reason.

Alex likes me, he offers me wine, I accidentally spill it off on my neck he comes closer and licks it off, it’s hot yet eerie. After the neck, his eyes just got stuck at my lips thinking of kissing me, I bit my lower lip to drink a tiny drop of the wine, within a flash he crashed his lips against mine with a hand on my neck, and I deepened the kiss as a reflex, I got my nerves back and while pushing him away, hey, Alex, I know you like me, but it isn’t going to be like this.
Alex: Well, I have a surprise for you, will you come with me, please?
Daisy: Of course, but where?
Alex: It’s a surprise, honey, let’s go.
(Leaving party)

We just stopped in front of a villa… Ah, this is beautiful, the garden full of Bougainvillea, the pathway full of rose petals.
Hey, Alex, what’s this?
Alex: Let’s get inside for that. (Holding my hand and going inside)

Daisy: Vibrator, Dildo, Cuffs, Vibrating lace thong, and some other toys, exactly the way I wrote in my previous blog, what’s going on Alex?

To be continued…

Note: Hello all, I hope you all are doing fine. This is something new for me… Please support with your views.

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