Dreams Or Money?

The fight between money and dream is ongoing. It is one of my favorite topics to discuss. One should chase money or dreams? We all know the dialogue "We get to live this life once" so, shall we chase our dreams or chase money to fulfill all our responsibilities?  Some of us might agree to …

I feel the same.

My life became beautiful,Not suddenly but gradually,It wasn't any fantasy but reality. You make me feel myself.I'm more confident and courageous because of you. You're the one,Who makes all the butterflies in my tummy alive. My body & soul both surrender to this feeling. My feelings for you of course.

You won’t refrain.

I love you the way,You might never refrain. There's no hurry,It's not like you miss your train. You gotcha think it twice,And I'll be yours keep that in your brain. I'll not leave your side,Either you take that in vain. So clear your thoughts,Don't keep them vague… Coz I love you the way,You might never …

Halcyon (adj)

To the past peaceful times To the happy times,tell me my mistakes,but don't break up with me like that. You gifted me the sleepy nights,peaceful mornings,and a broad smile. The halcyon days, please come back! -Riya Shah


Did you remember your cajoling words to make me yours?Little did I hoped the same. The violets of stardust,The reds of flowers,The pinks of my cheeks,All proved the alacrity of our love further. Yes, I love you ❤ -Riya Shah