Halcyon (adj)

To the past peaceful times To the happy times,tell me my mistakes,but don't break up with me like that. You gifted me the sleepy nights,peaceful mornings,and a broad smile. The halcyon days, please come back! -Riya Shah


Furtive (adj)He gave me a furtive look, just after holding my hands, giving me all trembles till down there.

Ecstasy (n)

I'm overwhelmed with your love. With words, we all flow,and your response led my mind to blow. Ecstatic feeling all for you,and heartily welcome to all the new. I wish the writing continues,And I wondered how large it grew.


Demure (adj)I'm quiet, but my words are not. I'm a shy introvert in person,but my thoughts and words are expressive enough.Demurely I work what I've to,but the way it all goes with my mind is an antithesis.Don't misjudge me as an innocent,as my pen says it all. Anyways, we all are demure for someone,and voluble …


Callous (v) They think I'm cold-hearted! Damn why?She never accepts someone's feelings,Callously she refuses everyone,Little she's rude,but how can you judge dude? Yeah, It's me the ruthless,Because I don't want any mess. I'm a heartless person,With a soft heart for,Family,Friends,Fantasies,Finances,And of courseforfrench fries. I'm a heartless foodie. -Riya Shah


Brusque (adj) My speech goes wild brusquely, I'm a furious soul then. I'll live the way I want, Mom!Please, don't interfere in my life. I might sound rude, butHang on! I wanna fulfill my dream,Despite society pressurize not to,Though my parents dismiss the thought of backing me But I'll be living it.This time no compromise. …